Ember Defender Gutter Mount Sprinkler Kit

The Ember Defender gutter mount sprinkler is designed to reduce the impact of ember attack on your home in the event of a bushfire.

Ember Defender Mk2 Gutter Mount Sprinkler
Ember Defender gutter mount bushfire sprinkler vertically mounted gutter sprinkler horizontally mounted gutter sprinkler

Gutter Mount Sprinkler Kit

AUD $39.95

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The new Ember Defender gutter mount sprinkler is designed to offer coverage to the roof edge and immediate surrounds. The hinged design allows coverage to be directed horizontally or vertically to suit your application.

The unique design of the Ember Defender allows installation to all external gutter types, with a simple bolt to clamp the Ember Defender securely to your guttering. Multiple units are required for a typical installation. Please see our FAQ and Installation pages for further information.

*CSIRO state that over 90 percent of all houses burnt in a bushfire are caused by ember attack and not radiant heat or flame.

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